Photos by Marlen Bedoya

Another month, another successful SAMA luncheon

More than 40 members and guests -- 43 to be exact -- attended May’s event at the Rusty Pelican sponsored by Shell Lubricants. They heard Mark Ferner, Team Leader at Shell Global Solutions, Lubricant Technology, talk on what the company is doing to deal with energy demands of the future.

“We can see a doubling of the global energy demands in the first half of this century,” Ferner said. “So we need more energy, but it will be harder for energy suppliers to keep up with that growth and demand as existing oil and gas fields mature and new sources are harder to extract.

“All this will need to be achieved while at the same time meeting all the environmental challenges such as reducing CO2 emissions from that energy use.”

But those emissions are growing fast, Ferner said.

“So our industry will need to make more efficient use of fossil fuel supply and develop new low-carbon energy sources in both these areas. But this will not happen quickly.

“For all new forms of energy, it takes about 30 years to achieve a 1 percent market share. And it’s always uncertain which of those technologies will prove successful over the long term.”

But despite those difficult odds, it is important for us to invest in  a range of technologies and to do so now.

“That is why Shell invested more than one billion dollars last year in researching alternative energies and energy solutions.”

Research in fuels and lubricants for today’s vehicles remains vital. While development of fuel cell and electric powered vehicles gets much media attention, “We need to recognize that by 2050 two-thirds of the vehicles are still likely to use current engine technology and conventional engine fuels.

“So we need to use innovative partnerships to find ways of improving fuel economy and cleanliness of those fuels and those  engines, and by improving and applying existing technology.”

In a business session before the presentation, President Paul Borden announced that June 30 had been set as the date for SAMA’s first convertible competition event.

Billed as “Topless in Miami,” the one-day event will give SAMA media members the opportunity to rate and score different convertibles with one to be selected as the “South Florida Convertible of the Year.” There also will be winners in various categories.

More details will be coming on this event, so watch your email!

We also will be working on another charity event at the suggestion of Vice President Bill Adam. Bill noted that many, many people in areas struck by flooding and tornados in the South are in need of clothing and other items, and it would be great if SAMA could organize a drive to collect these items and get them to the stricken areas to provide relief. The board is currently working on details to implement that idea. Members should watch their email for more details on this as well.

New members in attendance at the May event included Steven Marks, a freelancer who works the auto show circuit as well as representing several manufacturers at various events.

Edward Williams from Homestead-Miami Speedway introduced two new members of the Speedway staff, Adam Beasley (media relations) and Ali Bradshaw (ticket sales).

We want to thank Shell Lubricants for sponsoring our May luncheon. We also enjoyed our return to the Rusty Pelican after an absence of several months!

Our next monthly luncheon will be June 23 at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami Beach. Honda is the sponsor and will showcase the new Civic.

Please watch your emails for further details!

To view larger photos from the event, please click here.

Mark Ferner of Shell

Edward Williams, Adam Beasley, and Ali Bradshaw

German Botero and Angelo Serrato

Bill Adam

 Michael Salzillo, Mark Ferner, and Paul Borden


Emerito Pujol and Ray Mummery

Jaime Gabaldoni, Al Vasquez, German Botero and Angelica Willard

Johnny Tapanes, Joe Martinez,  Vivian Crucet, and Giulianna Levin 

Tony Serrato, Steven Marks, Ariel Garcia-Linares, and Thelma Urbina

Joe Castello, Tony Serrato, and Marlen Bedoya

Mark Ferner

Ron Beasley, Melissa Nobles, Rich Babl, and Dick Kelley

Angelo Serrato, Stephanie Camargo, and Javier Fueyo

Joe Castello and Tony Serrato

Daniel Alvarez, Ady Coutinho, and Maria Ravani 

Giulianna Levin, Stephanie Camargo, and Gaby Delfino

John Kiskinis and Marissa Osborn