MISSION... Communication...Growth....Representation

"To provide a platform for the South Florida automotive media community for the development and growth of its members and affiliates to strengthen their voice and representation in the industry.”


SAMA is a spirited, organization made up of automotive journalists, media organizations, corporate communications specialists, marketing and advertising representatives, and auto manufacturers related to South Florida’s dynamic automotive industry.  SAMA's  purpose is to provide a platform to bring together the South Florida automotive industry to meet, network and exchange  ideas on major issues concerning the industry. SAMA holds monthly luncheon programs bringing members together with guest speakers  to view product presentations and new vehicle demonstrations from car manufacturers and other major figures in the auto industry.
  • Advocate communication, growth and development of its members and the industry as a whole.

  • Create a platform for the automotive community to come together and discuss important issues affecting the industry.

  • Sponsor events  for networking and the education of the members.

MEMBERS LIST 2019- SAMALIST 08/27/2019