Ford hosts luncheon at Biltmore Hotel

Ford was back to sponsor SAMA's April luncheon and brought its latest version of the Edge crossover, the Edge Sport, not only for display but for short ride-and-drives on the streets of Coral Gables.

About 40 members and guests attended the event at the Biltmore with some having driving opportunities in the morning and others in the afternoon.

In between, Rich Kreder, Vehicle Engineering Manager for Edge and MKX, gave the group details on this new Edge, which gets some serious refinements to make a family vehicle a sportier performer with improved steering, handling and stopping capability.

ďItís for those who want something a little more extreme,Ē Kreder said. The wheels are bigger, with 22-inchers based on the ones you find on the Harley-Davidson versions of the F-150, and the suspension is considerably stiffer. This is not simply a cosmetic tweaking, but there are styling tweaks to both the exterior and interior, including suede/leather seats with distinctive stitching. The changes to the Edge to make it the Sport are ďmuch more functional, not just an appearance package,Ē Kreder told the group. Itís available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive.

The Edge Sport went into production last November at Fordís Oakville plant just outside of Toronto.

We want to thank our friends Steve Kursar and Alvaro Cabal from the Dallas office for giving us an up-close look at the new Edge Sport and for sponsoring the luncheon. The day was beautiful and the food was great! 

Among business items, Ron Beasley presided and again explained that after further consideration he had decided to step down as president after serving more than two years. Ron noted the tremendous growth SAMA has experienced since its founding in March 2007, and he received a standing ovation for his leadership.

As noted at the March meeting, Ronís decision has given us the opportunity to revamp our election procedures, which current vice president Paul Borden explained at the luncheon. It was decided at a recent board meeting that in the future the first vice president will step up to serve as president at the completion of the presidentís term.

The board also decided that the office of vice president would be divided, with one person serving as a first vice president and another as second vice president. In the future, the first vice president will succeed as president at the appropriate time.

Nomination forms for new officers are being emailed to all members and they may be returned via email or be brought to the April 30 meeting. The actual voting will take place at the May 28 meeting. Those not able to attend will be given the opportunity to return ballots via email. More details on the procedures and what duties the various offices entail will be found on the nomination form being emailed to you.
Again, we thank Steve and Alvaro for sponsoring the luncheon and we look forward to seeing you all at the April 30 luncheon at the Rusty Pelican.

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