photos by Pepe Delfino

Another full house showed up for the monthly SAMA luncheon, this time sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and held at the Setai Hotel in Miami Beach.

In addition to about 40 members, Mercedes invited several reports and writers from lifestyle publications to the event, which included an Asian buffet lunch and previewed the new CLS63 AMG coupe.

Greg Clark, AMG Brand Manager for the U.S., gave the presentation for the company’s ground-breaking, all-new four-door coupe.

Plenty of information can be found on USB “press kits” distributed at the luncheon, but Clark noted several highlights:

-- The CLS AMG features a V8 biturbo engine that pumps out up to 550 hp and 590 lb-ft. of torque to the rear wheels via a seven-speed transmission.

-- Despite a 10-percent boost in horsepower and 25 percent jacking up of torque, the 2012 model is 33 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor. (Actual EPA figures are 16 mpg city/21 highway.)

-- There is more to AMG treatment than simply dropping a bigger engine into the car. The CLS63 AMG has been redesigned and reworked under the skin throughout the entire body. Thanks to generous use of aluminum, the new model is slightly longer but also lighter than its predecessor.

-- MSRP also is 5 percent lower than previous AMG models, starting at $94,500.

In addition to Clark, the ebullient Geoff Day, Adam Paige, and Lindsay Burns were on hand for Mercedes, making the day a success!

After the luncheon and presentations, those attending the event had the opportounity to check out AMG Miami Beach Polo Match Play on the beach.

We want to thank Mercedes for sponsoring our April event and for its support of SAMA over the years. We look forward to continue to working with Mercedes in the future.

In a brief, very brief, business session, treasurer and membership chairman Marcello Serrato introduced three new members who were all present -- Myles Kornblatt, Simon Gomez, and Sergio Nieto. Welcome to SAMA, guys, and we look forward to seeing you at future events.

President Paul Borden noted that we are close to finalizing details for the proposed “Topless in Miami” event featuring a lineup of convertibles.

SAMA media members will take part in the competitive event which will determine the top convertibles in several different categories and crown one as the “Convertible of South Florida” for the year.

Members are advised to check out the website regularly for further news.

In fact, thanks to Pepe Delfino and his daughter Giulianna Levin, we are getting more news up on the site, so it’s a good idea to check it out on a regular basis.

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Watch your email for news about the May SAMA luncheon, which will be sponsored by Chevrolet.

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Ron Beasley, Paul Borden, Bill Adam, and Marcelo Serrato


Sergio Nieto and Daniel Romagnoli


Giulianna Levin and Sandra Schneider


Daniel Alvarez and Alex Viel



Alex Madeja and Aaron Glickman


Dick Kelley and Rich Babl


Javier Mota and Sergio Tacchella


Aaron Glickman and Lindsay Burns


Marlen Bedoya and Javier Mota

Paul Borden and Geoff Day

Jorge Koechlin and German Botero

Tony Lesesne

Geoff Day

Jorge Koechlin, Marcelo Serrato, Gaby Delfino, Giulianna Levin, and Pepe Delfino


Adam Paige



Pepe Delfino, Daniel Romagnoli, and Sergio Nieto


Ron Beasley, Sondra Schneider, Paul Borden, Bill Adam,

Marcelo Serrato, and Woodie Lesesne

Alex Madeja and Joe Castello


Sergio Tacchella, Maria Ravani, Jaime Florez, and Ady Coutinho


Bill Adam, Dick Kelley, Juan Robbin, Marcelo Serrato, and Camilo Alfaro


Sergio Tacchella, Arturo Duran, Pepe Delfino, and Jaime Florez

Tony Serrato, Geoff Day, and Ivan Rusilko


Adam Paige

Gaby Delfino, Marcelo Serrato, and Lindsay Burns