Nissan shows 370Z NISMO at August luncheon

Great food and a great car.

It's a winning combination as the 42 members and guests who gathered at Michy's on Biscayne Boulevard on Aug. 29 for SAMA's monthly luncheon sponsored by Nissan will attest.

The meal was superb, which is what you might expect at a restaurant owned by chef and TV host Michelle Bernstein (Check, Please, WPBT Channel 2).

Lots of compliments accompanied a tasty lunch that included an entree of chick apple sausage stuffed young organic chicken and what the restaurant calls its “ridiculous” bread pudding, which includes chocolate, cognac, and orange touches, for dessert.

Afterward, the reaction to the car matched the praise for the meal.

John Curl, senior manager for small cars/sports cars/electric cars of Nissan Product Planning, gave the presentation.

Nissan has taken the 370Z, to a new level with the NISMO edition. NISMO, which comes from Nissan Motorsports, adds performance and other enhancements to the coupe version of its outstanding sports car.

For a complete video of Curl’s preview of the 2014 370Z NISMO, visit the SAMA website,

A brief business session preceded the lunch and presentation.

President Jaime Florez announced that the October meeting would be devoted to reviewing possible amendments to the by-laws and regulations of the association and asked that members email him with any ideas and suggestions they may have. Any comments regarding the future direction of the organization would be appreciated.

Treasurer Marcello Serrato announced that the association has received the last few checks from out June event Topless in Miami and that the association is $7,300 to the good.

He also announced that his committee in the future will be more proactive in keeping the membership list up to date and will be reviewing applications for membership to ensure that proposed members are actively involved in covering the industry and actually doing reviews and other stories.

“We are raising the level of membership,” he said.

Secretary Tony Lesesne noted that we are approaching a busy and productive time of year for SAMA with the Miami Auto Show activities and the annual Rides-N-Smiles event. He reminded members to continue to contribute good strong editorial content to the website.

He also noted the Facebook page ( has been really busy, which is great. Lots of pictures and comments!

We want to thank Nissan and our good friend Steve Parrett for sponsoring SAMA’s August luncheon and for bringing such an outstanding automobile. Nissan has been a solid supporter of SAMA since the beginning and a two-time winner in the Topless in Miami competition.

Marcello Serrato noted during his remarks that we are booked solid for luncheons for the rest of the year with the next one coming up Sept. 26. Mark your calendars for a look at Chevy’s new Corvette Stingray!

Site and time will be announced later, so watch your email.



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Photos & Video by Pepe Delfino