SAMA Luncheon - 94th Squadron - Miami . January 30, 2014    
Photos by: Pepe delfino & Ron Beasley

January luncheon: No sponsor, no problem
By Paul Borden

Even with no manufacturer to sponsor the January luncheon, SAMA members took advantage of the opportunity to conduct an important business session that covered a wide range of issues.

In all, 33 members attended the event held Jan. 30 at the 94th Aero Squadron near Miami International Airport.

Among the matters discussed:

-- Two amendments to the constitution and by-laws were unanimously approved.

One makes the immediate past president and the founding president automatic members of the Board of Directors with a third director to be appointed by the Executive Board (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer) to serve on a yearly basis.

The other makes the Executive Board responsible for setting the amount of annual dues with the proviso that dues may be increased only every three years.

-- President Bill Adam announced a new program designed to increase traffic and provide more information for the website. Members from time to time will be asked to submit “mini reviews” of 100 to 150 words on the same vehicle, and then those reviews then will be posted on the website as one review with three credits.

The reviews will simply be on what impresses you most about a vehicle. The vehicle schedule will be coordinator by our press fleets with Prestige and STI.

-- Speaking of the website, Pepe Delfino, who also is serving as secretary this year, asked that members continue to submit links to their reviews/articles to the website at his email address,

The links on the SAMA website direct those who click on them straight to your own website.

-- Treasurer and membership chairman Marcello Serrato introduced a new member, Joaquin Ruhi (Kaizen Factor). Joaquin has been a regular attendee at the Miami International Auto Show.

Marcello also announced that a second new member, Elba Navarro (Bein Sports), has joined but could not attend the January meeting.

-- Responding to requests from some members, Ron Beasley will be taking orders for SAMA shirts in the future. Cost for the golf shirt with the SAMA logo are only $20.

-- Bill Adam also is looking to give even more assistance to the Miami auto show and requested members to give more of their support through their various outlets to the event. SAMA will be work with the South Florida Auto Dealers to see what more we can do to support the show and help in grow.

-- Vice President Paul Borden announced that the date for the annual Topless in Miami event will be June 12. Once again, it will be at the Ritz Carlson on Key Biscayne.

There likely will be changes to the judging process, however. Members will be assigned responsibility to judge and rate no more than two categories of convertibles. This will allow each member to spend more time with each vehicle and not rush through the process.

With as many as 18-20 vehicles to score, many members were not able to complete a category, which mean their ballots were not scored for that class.

This also will allow time for some side events such as product presentations and seminars for sponsors.

More details will be promulgated in future emails and meetings, but mark your calendars now!

-- Among other matters, it was suggested that we consider expanding our schedule to include events sponsored by auto-related companies and not just car manufacturers.

With our luncheon schedule full for the rest of the year, this would provide opportunities for evening events and allow sponsors such as companies more interested in the lifestyle aspects of the automotive world to take part.

In what would be a major addition to SAMA, president Bill Adam is exploring the idea of establishing press fleet and review opportunities for motorcycles. Presently, the only press feet for BMW two-wheelers on the East Coast, for example, is in the Northeast. Those interested in this should email Bill at

Finally, the possibility of featuring Classic Cars, mostly from members’ own personal garages, at SAMA events was brought up, and Pepe Delfino added the possibility of working with Barrett-Jackson or another such firm to bring a collector car auction to Miami-Dade.

So even without a new car to look out, the January luncheon was a very productive and interesting one. An active membership like this will help SAMA to continue to grow as we move into the future.

The next meeting will be Feb. 27 and will be sponsored by Toyota featuring the new Highlander. Look to your email box for the details to come.