January Luncheon at The 94TH Squadron in Miami
Text by Paul Borden - Pics & Video by Gaby Delfino

SAMA conducted as usual their January luncheon discussing and proposing new ideas for the association: Daniel Romagnoli suggested raising dues. Our by-laws state that the Board can raise the dues every three years, and it has been at least three years since we have done that. The dues rates are not in the regs but are on the application form on the website.

Our dues compare favorable to those of other automotive media organizations. West Coast dues are 80-100 and do not include luncheon costs. TAWA and GAAMA are about the same. TAWA charges for special events.

Among other suggestions on dues:

1. Allow payment of dues in two payments.

2. Set up automatic renewal system using credit cards or Pay Pal.

3. Raises dues for Associate members and not Press members. Press memers bring more value to the Assn.

4. Have a separate rate schedule for those members outside of the South Floridaarea.

Question about status of Everglades Challenge. It is on the agenda for 2017 but we need to determine how much of the member's time participating will take. Six hours seems a good range. That somewhat limits locale for the trail. Need to make sure that vehicles are returned to the manufacturer in the same condition they were received We want to make sure this is a real Signature Event for the Association.

Suggestion that SAMA offer support for car events like the Florida Car Marathon in the way of member participation and distribution of information.

Members need to keep their information updated so the database on the website is correct.

Karen Blanco/Angelica Willard/Eduardo Hapke will team up to get the Yearbook project going. They will have proposal by the end of February.

Note that while the website can continue to be improved, the idea of having advertising on the site puts our "neutral" status re: manufacturers at risk if we have car ads. We also do not want to be put in a position of competing for dollars that would go to the sites of members, etc.

Jose Carlos de Meir would like to see us get more bikes for testing.

Karen Blanco suggested looking at sponsoring events outside the South Florida area.

Jaime Florez brought up the issue of sponsoring workshops for members to improve skills.

Juan Robbin suggested an email program to keep members updated with activities.

Bill Adam notes that Rides-N-Smiles will not happen in 2017 but wants to get it back on 2018 calendar. Perhaps paying a fee to Speedway will help get things going there.

Paul Borden asked for suggestions for improving Topless in Miami from the members. The date of the 2017 event is June 1.

Karen Blanco suggested sponsoring events like scavenger hunt, etc. using cars.

Finally, we might want to look into evening activities at times in place of monthly luncheon to help boost attendance.

Some of our members are worry about the emails, and want the check the right email address.

Other members suggested, to contact international organizations like SAMA, but abroad USA and that we need more diffusion of our SAMA events in the media, online, and traditional media.