July constitution workshop
By Paul Borden- Photos by  Pepe Delfino

Following a lively discussion that focused mainly on three issues, the 20 SAMA members who attended the SAMA Constitution and By-Laws Workshop on July 23 at the Rusty Pelican gave their unanimous approval to a proposal that the general membership will vote on at the August luncheon and meeting.

That event will be on August 20th also at the Rusty Pelican and will be sponsored by Nissan.

If a majority of the members present approve the proposal, the Constitution and By-Laws will go into effect immediately and will be posted on the website.

The three issues that drew the most attention concerned membership requirements, eligibility of officers, and voting eligibility.

Following a discussion on each item, those present gave their unanimous approval to the following:

-- Membership will be divided into four classes -- Individual Press, Corporate Business, Individual Associate, and Corporate Associate. A three-person Membership Committee will be appointed to review all membership applications to ensure they meet the membership guidelines as outlined in the Constitution. The committee also may review membership qualifications periodically.

-- Only those holding Press Memberships, either Individual or Corporate, will be eligible to serve as President and Vice President. All members in good standing, Press and Associate, are eligible to serve as Treasurer, Secretary, Director or as a member of any committee.

-- All members in good standing may vote in the election of officers. Corporate members will have one vote to encompass all those covered by the corporate membership. 

The complete proposed Constitution and By-Laws are posted on this website.  >CLICK HERE


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