by Paul Borden - March 22nd, 2012

We all know only real “car guys” can design cars, right?

Um, not really.

At least not when it comes to interiors.

Take Anthony Prozzi, for example. He came direct from the fashion world, where he designed men’s clothing for Donna Karan in New York, to Dearborn, Michigan, to Ford, where he is a senior interior designer for the company.

Prozzi was the speaker for SAMA’s March luncheon sponsored by Ford and held at the -- appropriately enough -- newly redesigned and renovated Rusty Pelican at the north tip of Virginia Key.

Also representing Ford at the event was our good friend Alvaro Cabal as well as Fernando Serna, Audry Morris, Francesco Montini, Albert Collazo, and Fernando Rodríguez.

Alvaro promised a presentation that would be somewhat different from the usual preview of a company’s new model, and he was spot on the mark there.

Prozzi touched on many aspects of automobile design that our eyes and sense of touch may appreciate but, frankly, our brain may not be aware of.

Using ideas first expressed in the Ford concept Evo and based on design principles that date back to 1930s and what was coming out of Hollywood in that decade, Prozzi set as his objective with the Fusion the idea of providing “a premium experience without the premium price tag.”

“We didn’t want to provoke,” he said. “We wanted to seduce.”

Prozzi’s presentation kept the rapt attention of the 42 members and guests who fought through causeway traffic headed farther on to the tennis center for the Sony Ericsson Open to attend our second meeting of the year.

Usually, our attention is on horsepower and fuel mileage, so it was a refreshing change to get a glimpse at what often lies behind why a car looks the way it does both inside and out.

We want to thank Anthony for his time and Alvaro and others at Ford for making the event such a success.

Before the presentation, Vice President Bill Adam presided over a brief business session as President Jaime Florez had been called away at the last minute a day earlier than he had planned.

Bill noted that plans for Topless in Miami are moving forward with a potential date in late May for the event at the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne.

He also announced that Rides-n-Smiles, another of our signature events, continues to grow. Thanks to member John Kiskinis, a display of vintage cars may be added to the activities for the children and others from Baptist Children’s and Miami Children’s hospitals in Miami.

“I would like the event to continue its growth,” Bill said. “It has really turned out to be a wonderful event.”

That date for this year’s Rides-n-Smiles at Homestead-Miami Speedway is Nov. 10, which is a week before Ford Championship Weekend at the track.

Speaking of growth, this meeting marked the fifth anniversary of the founding of SAMA right down to the very day!

On March 22, 2007, 21 of us met in South Miami to discuss founding an organization to provide automotive journalists and others in the business a platform to meet, network, exchange ideas and learn about new products coming from manufacturers in a relaxed setting. Toyota sponsored the luncheon at Bernie Kosar’s Steakhouse.

Officers elected at that first meeting were Ron Beasley, President; Paul Borden, Vice President; Jaime Florez, Secretary; and Bill Adam, Treasurer.

We now have more than 120 members who are spread out from South Florida throughout the rest of the country.

We the officers want to thank the members for their support, and we look forward to future activities. Comments and suggestions from members are always welcome. (So, too, are dues, if you haven’t paid them!)

We hope to you again in April. Watch your email for the more details on that month’s luncheon!

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Anthony Prozzi - Ford Fusion Interior Designer

Stephanie Camargo, Araba Dowell , John Kiskinis, Melissa Nobles

CJ McCann,

Myles Kornblatt  ,  Simón Gómez, Alvaro Castillo , Daniel Alvarez

Ady Coutinho, María Ravani, Marlen Bedoya, Marta Lucía Florez

Marlen Bedoya, Pepe Delfino

Alvaro Cabal - Ford Motor Company



.Pepe Delfino, Manuel Reyes Javier Mota , Angelica Willard
.Anthony Prozzi, Bill Adam
Alvaro Cabal Phillippe Daix,  Pepe Forte, Marlen Bedoya, Javier Mota, Anthony Prozzi
.Angelo Serrato, CJ Mc Cann, Angélica Willard Bill Adam
Past Presidents: Paul Borden & Ron Beasley Myles Kornblatt  , Simón Gómez
,Joseph Willard, Angélica Willard Juan Robbin, Audry Morris, Gaby Delfino, Manuel Reyes
,Stephanie Camargo, Myles Kornblatt, Johnny Tapanes, Pepe Forte, Woody Lesesne
Juan Robbin, Audry Morris, Angélica Willard, Joseph Willard, Ady Coutinho ,  María Ravani,  Marta Lucía Flórez
Mónica Puig , Jorge Nacho García Paul Borden, Ron Besley
Luis Gonzáles Myles Kornblatt , Simón Gómez, Alvaro Castillo,
. Joseph Willard, Angélica Willard