March, 2104  Luncheon - Rusty Pelican Key Biscayne - Miami . March 27, 2014
Sponsored by 2015 GMC Yukon

 By: Paul Borden, photos & videos by: Pepe Delfino


GMC previewed the new 2014 Yukon and Yukon Denali at SAMA’s third monthly luncheon of the year on March 27 with 47 members and guests gathering at the Rusty Pelican.

Members had the opportunity to drive both versions of the full-size SUV for short jaunts both before and after the luncheon.

Larry Knox, Marketing Manager for the Yukon, gave the overview, calling the full-size SUV market “a very, very critical segment” despite criticism in some corners regarding fuel-consumption concerns.

But there are people who need a full-size SUV for its ability to haul passengers and cargo and for its towing capacity.

“It won’t be going away any time soon,” Knox said of the segment.

For a full recap of his presentation check out the accompanying videos.

SAMA business conducted before the presentation featured several announcements.

Treasurer and Membership Chairman Marcello announced that Enrique Kogan, representing the Diarios de las Americas/Miami Herald/Tribune, has rejoined SAMA as a member.

Marcello also noted that our treasury is now over $8,000 and asked that members who have not yet renewed their membership to do so now. Several members did just that by delivering checks at the luncheon.

He also reminded members about the Florida Car Marathon, a project of longtime SAMA members Daniel Romagnoli and Daniel Alvarez, is coming up April 4-6 and noted what a fun event it is. For more information, visit the website

Finally, Marcello introduced former President Jaime Florez as the Hispanic communications director for Gov. Rick Scott’s reelection campaign.

Secretary Pepe Delfino again reminded members to send links to their work to him so he can feature them on the SAMA website. Several members already have been sending in contributions, further enhancing the website while providing direct links to the individuals’ work.

Vice President Paul Borden spoke briefly on Topless in Miami, which is scheduled for June 12 at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. He said though members will be assigned categories to judge instead of trying to drive all the cars in one day (an overwhelming task) this will not preclude the opportunity for members to record videos of the event.

And President Bill Adam’s work on Rides-and-Smiles continues to expand the horizons of that event, scheduled for Nov. 22 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. He said Road & Track magazine is planning coverage of the event this year, and the car show on the Homestead Air Reserve Base the day before is going to feature a duel between a Viper and an F16, which pilots refer to as a viper.

So it will be Viper vs. Viper in what should be an entertaining contest!

We want to thank GMC for sponsoring the March luncheon and to Kelly Wysocki, GMC Production Communications Manager, and Angie Diaz and her coworkers at the Axis Agency for making the March luncheon such a success.

Keep watching your email for news of our April luncheon. We will see you there!



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