By: Bill Adam - Photos by Pepe Delfino

The SAMA meeting for May was held at the delightful Grove Spot, located appropriately enough, in the heart of Coconut Grove. This small, out of the way restaurant/bar provided a private room, with delicious soup and sandwiches, that proved perfect for the small group of 21 enthusiastic members who attended. Of particular note was a new member, Kurt Ernst ( ) who won the long distance award for driving down from his home in Jacksonville. We welcome Kurt AND his enthusiasm!

President Paul Borden opened the meeting with recognition of Ms. Robin Korth, who is interested in assisting with marketing efforts of our increasingly good web site. As it grows, it becomes a viable source of income for SAMA, and Robins’ expertise can assist with attracting advertising revenue.

Pepe Delfino was then invited to expand on the site, and he has come up with some very creative ideas to create both a more attractive site, AND a more interesting site, that in turn will get more “hits”. This, in turn, will make it more attractive for advertisers, bringing in greater revenue.

One of the ideas is to create a “page” for each member, with their bio, pictures, and links to articles already published, and also road tests perhaps never used. We all drive many more vehicles than ever see the light of day on the publications we write for, so here is an opportunity for ALL of our writing to be presented. An excellent idea!

Paul also made a call for volunteers to assist with the auto show, and SAMA Christmas party later this year. Please note that you didn’t have to attend this meeting to be of assistance, you can volunteer at ANY time, and we encourage you all to be an active member of SAMA. This is YOUR club, and working alongside your fellow members only makes it better.

Once again, Marcello Serrato stepped forward alongside Dr. Ray Mummery, to assist with our Christmas party, and Pepe Delfino volunteered to help with the auto show.

Paul also mentioned that Volvo wanted to renew their corporate membership, and it was agreed by the board that they could join immediately at a 50% rate for the balance of the year, along with full membership fee for next year. We welcome them back!

It was also decided that our “Green Vehicle” symposium this year, would be held in conjunction with the auto show. John Kiskinis has offered a special area at the show, that will be dedicated exclusively to alternative fuel source vehicles, and will provide a perfect setting for our needs.

This will hopefully mean that manufacturers will bring all of their latest vehicles to this show, and does not impose any additional costs on them to have these vehicles in South Florida.

As secretary, I then spoke of our annual Rides N’ Smiles event that will once again be held in November, the actual date depending on availability from our very good friends at the Homestead Miami Speedway. These people, for the third straight year, have offered us the use of the track, as well as providing food, drink, and safety personnel for the day – a sizable financial benefit! – and I would ask all to please “pay them back” when you have the opportunity. Simply put, without their help, our day wouldn’t be nearly as special as it is!

I would also ask for volunteers for this event – both from the standpoint of working at it – but also for ideas. This is an event that I’m sure we’d all love to see it keep growing every year, so think on how we can make it bigger/better/more efficient, to give more smiles to more children. Some ideas discussed at the meeting were inviting Yamaha to bring pwc’s and motorcycles for restricted rides in paddock and lake, inviting a “Monster” truck for photographs, and inviting a second ( or third) hospital to include more children. All great ideas but we’re looking for more.

And finally, for my wonderful surprise birthday wish and song from the members, I can’t thank you all enough! You have all become much more than people I see every few weeks, you have become my friends! I was, and am, very touched by your kindness!


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