May 2014 Luncheon -
Rubell Family Collection.  - May  22, 2014
 By: Paul Borden, photos & videos by: Pepe Delfino


Over 50 members and guests attended the monthly SAMA luncheon May 22 at the Rubell Family Collection gallery in the Wynwood area and were given a preview of what OnStars plans for the future of its communication services.

Tim Nixon, Chief Technology Officer for the Global Connected Consumer for GM, presented the program and noted the amazing growth of the service.

Founded in June 1995, OnStar got its first customer in September of the following year and has seen its mission expanded every year since. OnStar now has 7 million-plus customers and is continuing to grow. For the complete presentation, click on the accompanying link.

Before the presentation, Vice President Paul Borden conducted a brief business session in the absence of President Bill Adam, who received a last-minute assignment for SportNet’s broadcast of the Indianapolis 500 and had to leave for Indianapolis the morning of the luncheon.

Treasurer and Membership chairman Marcello Serrato announced that the organization has added yet another new member. He is Dennis Byron, of Jet Magazine/J’Adore Magazine and an officer for GAAMA (Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association).

Marcello also announced that Nissan has agreed so sponsor the Awards Dinner for our upcoming Topless in Miami event and will have a room for viewing of that afternoon’s World Cup match.

Mercedes-Benz will sponsor the cocktail party, and Haartz, the leading manufacturer of convertible tops, is on board for a second straight year.

Paul Borden asked if there were any questions regarding the email and attachment regarding details on Topless that had been sent to members earlier in the week. There being none, turned the microphone over to Stuart Fowle of OnStar public relations to begin the program.

In addition to the OnStar representatives, Lesley Warnke from the GM public relations office in Atlanta and Stephanie Ruiz and Angie Diaz of the Axis Agency represented GM.

We want to give special thanks to OnStar and GM for sponsoring the luncheon and for bringing the Buick Regal for hands-on demonstrations on the new 4G LTE technology,

Our next event will be June 12 when our fourth annual Topless in Miami competition will determine our Convertible of the Year and other class winners. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne.



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