GMC sponsors October  luncheon
and presents the new 2013 Acadia & Terrain

October 11th, 2012 @ Smith & Wollensky, Miami Beach, FL

By Paul Borden - Photos and Videos by Pepe Delfino


Ever wonder why General Motors has kept GMC around while cutting back or eliminating such brands as Pontiac, Saturn, and, going back just a bit, Oldsmobile?

SAMA members got an answer at the October luncheon.

“It’s the No. 2 brand in the GM portfolio,” GMC Communications Manager Joe LaMuragilia told more than 40 members and guests attending the event at Smith & Wollensky’s in Miami Beach. “Did anybody know that?”

Not only is GMC, which is known for its workhorse pickups, big in the GM stable, it is just big period.

“If we were freestanding, we would be the 10th largest brand by volume in the U.S.” LaMuragilia said. “Another factoid a lot of people didn’t know.”

LaMuragilia had on display out front of the restaurant a new 2013 Acadia, a 2013 Acadia Denali, and a 2013 Terrain Denali for members to preview.

Though the many Sierra pickup models and Yukon are likely more familiar GMC models, the Acadia and Terrain are solid sellers as well. Combined, they account for around 43 percent of GMC sales and are very strong in attracting new buyers to the GM portfolio, LaMuragilia said.

Before the presentation by LaMuragilia, Vice President Bill Adam conducted the business session in the absence of President Jaime Florez, who was traveling.

Adam again updated members on the latest developments for Rides-N-Smiles and encouraged members to give both Rides-N-Smiles exposure through their publications, websites, etc.

Rides-N-Smiles is Nov. 10 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The media day for the auto show is Nov. 9 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

It’s not a matter of just giving publicity to SAMA. Recognizing manufacturers who provide vehicles for Rides-N-Smiles encourages them to participate in future events.

And the same thing holds true for the auto show.

“If all of us write about the auto show in advance, we can do more to encourage our readers, our viewers to come to the show to see maybe the car of their dreams,” Bill said. “This is all going to come around in a circle because the more people we encourage to come to the show, the greater the participation by the manufacturers, the better vehicles we get in the press fleet and on and on and on.”

Also in connection with the auto show, Ron Beasley, who is handling the judging committee for SAMA’s annual show awards, said that his group was ready with Paul Borden and Pepe Delfino replacing two of last year’s judges, Jorge Koechlin and Howard Walker.

Paul Borden reminded members that it is time for the nomination of officers for 2013. According to the by-laws, that will take place at the late October meeting, and the election will be in November.

Ron Beasley encouraged members to step up and volunteer to serve if nominated.

We have always welcomed input from members.

SAMA wants to thank Joe LaMuraglia and his teammate, Kelly Wysocki, for coming down from Detroit to preview the new GMCs and for Melissa Galarza of the Axis Agency for GMC’s sponsorship of the October luncheon.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next event, which will be sponsored by the South Florida Auto Dealers Association, and at the Auto Show on Nov. 9 and Rides-N-Smiles on Nov. 10.







Photos & Videos by Pepe Delfino - Click on photos to enlarge