South Florida Dealers Association sponsors October  luncheon
and previews the Miami Auto Show.

October 30th, 2012 @ Red Steak, Miami Beach, FL

Photos and Videos by Pepe Delfino


Current SAMA officers Jaime Florez, Bill Adam, Tony Lesesne, and Marcello Serrato will continue to serve in their present positions next year, it was determined at SAMA’s October meeting.

After a successful year in 2012, they were the only nominees for 2013 with Jaime as president, Bill as vice president, Tony as secretary, and Marcello as treasurer.

As secretary, Tony Lesesne conducted the nomination process during the annual auto show preview luncheon sponsored by the South Florida Auto Dealers Association.

The event was held at Red Steakhouse in Miami Beach to a full house of more than 40 members, who were treated to appetizers of stone crabs, shrimp, and oysters and a menu option of steak, fish, chicken, or pasta (with or without shrimp).

Rick Baker gave the members a preview of the upcoming auto show, which for the first time will have the name “Miami International Auto Show” instead of the customary “South Florida” label.

Dates of the show at the Miami Beach Convention Center are Nov. 9-18.

The show, Rick said, is taking an aggressive approach to “get the consumers excited again” by featuring such exhibits as the “eco experience” that will allow show-goers to actually drive electric vehicles on a course outlined inside the exhibit hall.

“We’re excited about that,” he said.

Another new exhibit will be based on our own “Topless in Miami” event with winners from our competition of last June in a special display.

“Havana Classics” with models from 1958-59, “cars you see in Havana today,” Rick said, will highlight the popular Memory Lane section.

“We’re really excited about this year,” Baker said. “We’re spending a lot of money. We want your coverage. Coverage gets us better intros, better intros gets us more public to come. It’s a cycle where we all benefit.”

John Kiskinis said press conferences will begin at 9 a.m. on the media day (Nov. 9) and at the present moment will continue through 3 p.m.

SAMA’s annual luncheon and awards presentations will be right in the middle. Ron Beasley, who is chairman of the judging committee, announced that because of the lack of concept vehicles that are expected for the show, SAMA this year will recognize a “Utility Vehicle of the Show” to go with the annual “Star of the Show” and “Green Vehicle of the Show” awards.

Melissa Nobles of Kiskinis Communications noted that members are asked to submit their credentials request ahead of time. She also said that the media room at the convention center has been moved from its prior location to room D34.

SAMA wants to thank the South Florida Auto Dealers Association for sponsoring what has become an annual, and very popular, event.

We look forward to working with the association in the future to make the auto show even bigger and better than ever!



Photos & Videos by Pepe Delfino - Click on photos to enlarge