Pepe Delfino to serve as president for 2016
By: Paul Borden - October 22, 2015

Officers were nominated at the SAMA October luncheon sponsored by Chevrolet at the Curtiss Mansion on Oct. 22, and Pepe Defino will succeed Bill Adam as president for next year. Bill is finishing his second year as president and was term-limited.

Pepe was the only nominee for president and thus will "run" unopposed in the election next month. Marcello Serrato also was the only for treasurer and will serve in that capacity once again.

Two positions must be filled in November when annual elections are conducted.

Javier Mota and Paul Borden were nominated for the office of vice president.

Eduardo Hapke and Daniel Romagnoli were nominated for secretary.

Ballots will be distributed at the November meeting or, if you cannot attend, may be requested via email to Angelo Serrato at

Marcello Serrato also announced two new members, both from Infiniti USA. They are Denise Sacre and Aileen Clarke.

For a look at the program, which featured a presentation by Otie McKinley from the Chevy Communications team, check out the video.






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