New Volkswagen Alltrack Station Wagon sponsors October's Luncheon at the Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne.


With 36 members in attendance, a nearly full slate of candidates for each of the four SAMA Board positions was filled at the October luncheon.

Volkswagen sponsored the event Oct. 20 at the Rusty Pelican. William Gock, Product Communications Senior Specialist, gave a brief overview of VW's 2017 Golf Alltrack, a new sport wagon from the company that Gock described as a "really fun" vehicle for the company's lineup.

Members also were given the opportunity for brief ride-and-drive opportunities after the luncheon.

Before the luncheon, SAMA Secretary Eduardo Hapke conducting the nomination process, which featured nominations via email and from members attending the luncheon.

Pepe Delfino was nominated for reelection as President along with former President Jaime Florez.

Nominations for Vice President were Paul Borden, who currently serves in the position, and Tony Lesesne, who once served as SAMA Secretary.

Three nominations were made for Secretary, including present Secretary Eduardo Hapke. Also nominated were Myles Kornblatt and Woodie Lesesne.

Marcello Serrato was the only nominee for Treasurer and once again will serve in that position.

As per SAMA Rules and By-Laws, the election of officers will be conducted at the November meeting which is scheduled for Nov. 17 and sponsored by Ford. Voting also made be done via email. Ballots will be emailed to members early next month.

Only one other business item was introduced In addition to the nomination process. Vice President Paul Borden said that he had received an email from Bill Adam regarding the cancellation of the annual Rides-N-Smiles event. Unfortunately for us (but fortunately for the track), Homestead-Miami Speedway is booked all through next spring and the facility is not available for the event. Bill will continue to work with the Speedway to schedule the event at a later date.




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