By Juan Robbin - Photos by Marlen Bedoya

Andrew Lipman and Chas Murphy from Audi along with more than 30 SAMA members and invited guests where on hand for this month’s SAMA luncheon at the scenic Rusty Pelican restaurant on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Chas Murphy, Audi product manager, gave us an informative presentation on the 2010 Audi Q7 TDI.

Forget the myths of what diesels used to be. The current generation of clean-air diesel engines are much quieter and more efficient with a significant smaller carbon emissions footprint than even the diesels sold just 10 years ago. The biggest advancement has been the introduction of the “Adblue” fluid system. This special fluid acts as a special filter which causes the exhaust to come out of the tail pipe even cleaner than that of a gasoline equivalent engine.

After the presentation, Andrew and Chas directed us outside to the parking lot where a gleaming white Q7 TDI was on display. Chas started the car and revved the engine. There was almost no difference from what its gasoline equivalent sounded. There was a slight hint of faint valve clatter, but that was all that was different.

Unless you know what you are listening to, almost no one can tell it’s a diesel.
Additionally, Chas went to the back of the Q7 and put his finger inside the tail pipe tip and exclaimed, “Look! No soot!”

Another benefit of the diesel Q7 is its improved fuel economy. There's an increase of over 5 MPG on the TDI model as compared to the gasoline version. Driving range is also greatly increased, with over 600 miles between fill-ups. 

Before a lunch featuring steak and chicken was served, President Ron Beasley conducted a brief business session.

We have a busy next couple of months ahead, with the South Florida International Auto Show starting on Friday, October 23, and running through November 1.

The kickoff auto show/October SAMA luncheon, hosted by the South Florida Auto Dealers Association will be held on Thursday, October 15, at Café Avanti, 732 West 41st Street, Miami Beach. Keep checking your e-mail for more details to come.

We will nominate officers to serve in 2010 at the October luncheon with the election to follow in November. Vice President Paul Borden asked everyone to have nominations ready and emphasized the importance of getting more members involved.

By the recently adopted SAMA constitution and by-laws, the president is limited to serving two years, but all other officers are eligible to be nominated for either their present position or a new office. You may find more details on the constitution and by-laws on this website.

This year we will not be having our traditional Auto Show breakfast event but instead will have a luncheon on press day, (October 23). This spectacular luncheon will be hosted by Jaguar. You do not want to miss the press day, as Jaguar will be doing the national reveal of their all new 2010 Jaguar XJ. Press credentials will be available through John Kiskinis’ office. Ask for Melissa Nobles 

During the luncheon John Kiskinis mentioned some very interesting cars that will be on display on Memory lane, which this year, will be one of the biggest ever. These include a super-rare 1970 one-off Shelby as well as the original Bat Mobile and Bat-Cycle from the 1960’s "Batman" TV show.

Giorgio Cerboncini will be leading the Auto Show judging committee this year. Please e-mail Giorgio at or if you are interested in judging and your name was not noted at the luncheon. Judging will be the afternoon before the auto show, and it will take about three-four hours. It’s an excellent way to hone up on your visual car design skills and learn how to develop a critical eye from other judges.

Also, as a reminder, the second annual “Rides-and-Smiles” event will be coming up on November 28 at Homestead Miami-Speedway. The event does need volunteers. Please e-mail Bill Adam ( if you would like to participate.

Speaking of the Speedway, Natalie Salas, the track's community relations manager, spoke briefly and noted the upcoming events. Champions of six racing divisions will be crowned at the Speedway over the next month-and-a-half headed by the IndyCar (Oct. 10) and NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase (Nov. 22). Winners from Grand Am Rolex, Indy Lights, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck series also will be settled at Homestead.

Thanks again to Andrew and Chas from Audi for hosting the September 2009 SAMA luncheon. Audi has been one of our most-active sponsors, and we appreciate its strong support!

See you October 15!


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