Text and Photos: Josť Delfino - 3 de Agosto del 2008



There is nothing more rewarding for the automobile enthusiast than visiting an antique classic car collection. Tallahassee,  our State capital has a very interesting one with over a hundred vehicles dating from the end of the XIX century until recent times, all of them in wonderful showing conditions. 


The "Tallahassee Antique Car Museum", just moved to its new location on November 2007, and it is owned by Mr. Devoe Moore, a local entrepreneur and pioneer on the promotion of private enterprise. The museum is located on Mahan Drive, very close from the exit 290A at Highway I10.


In the second floor there is also a interesting collection of vintage toys, model cars, knifes, rifles and revolvers, cash registers, typewriters, old electric fans, old outboard engines, old farm small Diesel engines and baseball and basketball memorabilia.


One of the most impressive pieces is a funeral carriage used to carry president Abraham Lincoln's casket.

There is also a nice collection of antique grand pianos.


Among the nicest cars are: a 1948 Tucker Torpedo used in the movie "Tucker", a couple of 1953 Cadillac convertibles, a 1931 Duesenberg that looks majestic at the entrance of the museum, and a beautiful 1929 Babcock Coupe looking like just drove out from the dealership. 

On the second floor there is a "Batmobile" used in the movie "Batman Returns" and a wide variety of golf clubs, household items from the first half of XX century. The museum opens every day until 5pm, it is impeccable is worth to visit it. Admission is 14 dollars.


I recommend you to go next time in Tallahassee, you'll have a great couple of hours.

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